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Welcome to my blog! Just your regular office worker passionate about all things fitness, performance, nutrition and nature. I aim to discuss these things and more. Expect plenty of tangents – my attention strays weekly!

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My Fat Loss Journey

Ask a random person starting any new exercise regime or starting a new ‘diet’ what their main motivation is and there is a high chance that you will be hit with something along the lines of: ‘I want to… lose weight’ ‘… tone up‘ ‘… lose belly fat / love handles / jiggly arms /Continue reading “My Fat Loss Journey”

Intro – What is this?

The quick answer: I don’t know. A ‘Doctor for a Rugby Team’, that is the first job I ever recall wanting to do as a kid. This was followed by ambitions such as ‘PE Teacher’, ‘RAF Pilot’, ‘Royal Marine’, ‘Cardiac Physiologist’, ‘Public Health Promotion’, ‘Physiotherapist’, ‘Strength and Conditioning Coach’. Never able to settle or makeContinue reading “Intro – What is this?”

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