Intro – What is this?

The quick answer: I don’t know.

A ‘Doctor for a Rugby Team’, that is the first job I ever recall wanting to do as a kid. This was followed by ambitions such as ‘PE Teacher’, ‘RAF Pilot’, ‘Royal Marine’, ‘Cardiac Physiologist’, ‘Public Health Promotion’, ‘Physiotherapist’, ‘Strength and Conditioning Coach’. Never able to settle or make a commitment to any particular role, however I think you should be able to make out the running theme?

Now, I am a Quantity Surveyor for an engineering company. How did I land so far from my younger ambitions of working in a physical / health / sport related field?

God knows.

I have completed a Sport and Exercise Science degree at University and, although I am not working in the area, I remain totally fascinated by the subject of human performance.

My main interests on this topic tend to follow on from events or circumstances that have affected me directly.

  1. Strength and Conditioning
    • fine margins win competitions
    • there is something about setting a goal and working out how best to achieve this using the tools available that I really enjoy
  2. Fat loss
    • I have had several ‘fat phases’ in my life both in childhood (overfeeding) and adulthood (because I love beer and wings on a night out…)
    • There is so much BS in the fitness industry surrounding fat loss
    • I hope sharing some of the things that helped me will aid others in their goals
      • moderation is king!
  3. Sports Rehabilitation / Physiotherapy
    • I played rugby union growing up and have suffered the following injuries
      • ACL Tear / Meniscus tear – required full reconstruction
      • Several concussions
      • Separated AC joint – years of rehabilitative exercises
      • Dislocated collarbone
      • Broken ribs
      • Inguinal hernia – required surgery
    • I am now 30 years old and feel in best shape of my life and also able to remain in a state of being pain/injury free
    • There is so much information out there and I think I have managed to select all the best bits that work for me.

I am also a general sport lover. Remember Gordon from Dodgeball? A subscriber to ‘Obscure Sports Quarterly’? That’s me.

I will happily watch ESPN 8 ‘The Ocho’ all day!

You can expect me to comment on the worlds of:

  • Football (soccer)
  • Rugby
  • Basketball
  • F1
  • Athletics
  • Crossfit (Yes, I am a crossfit sympathizer)
  • Weightlifting
  • Boxing
  • Etc… Etc…

Outside of fitness and sport, I love cooking, coffee and nature. So expect me to spam/write about the latest attempt at a new dish …

or a latest expedition in search of wildlife across any beautiful nature spots I can get to (pandemic pending!)…

At the end of the day, I am just a normal guy who works an office job that is slowly driving him insane. This will hopefully give me a platform to explore my many interests outside of work.

I love a good tangent so I cannot possibly predict the direction of of my writing.

Please do get in touch if you feel at all engaged with anything I put together.

Ciao, MoveMoreEatMore!

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